Should you invest in Bitcoin? 2 Investing suggestions for beginners

For starters… I am NOT in any bitcoin companies, mlms, apart of any currency blogs etc. I am in no way biased for or against crypto-currencies. However I am biased towards the new investors or people interested in investing but not sure how to start and protect themselves at the same time.

There is so much chatter but not enough sound information to help people make the best decision for themselves. In this video I am sharing 2 ways to help ease a new investors mind so they can make the best choice for themselves WITH OUT getting caught up in any hype.

I have 11+ years of experience with investing, so I am sharing some simple wisdom that anyone can use. Enjoy and I hope it helps!



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  1. After a retirement account, what is the next best tax saavy investing account to open? What are some reliable brokerage accounts that you would recommend?

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