What is your definition of success?…Here’s mine…

Does anyone know what the definition of success is?

Before you cut jokes or judgements lol:
1) I had no intentions on swimming or getting wet.
2) I do not have a six pack of abs to show off yet.

Back to what I was saying lol.

Here’s one of my many thoughts (opinion)
on success:
I think it is defined by the individual.

Money is a result of success just like losing weight or kicking an addiction.

I know you see pictures of cars, houses and stuff like that posted all on social media as success (I USED to post pics like that years ago to attract people’s attention to what I was doing) but that’s not success.

Some may think the car you drive denotes success..it doesn’t, I’ve watched several people get luxury cars and lose them. Besides..cars are made everyday and if you know the right person or place you can get them cheaper…

Some may think where you live is success, when that home can be taken away if you miss a payment. You’ve seen it before, million dollar homes in foreclosure…besides, they make houses everyday…and if you know the right people or what to do you can them cheaper…

And no I’m not knocking none of it…I like nice things just like anyone else but… If you think it’s the things you buy that denotes success…well in my opinion…its just something you buy…

But it’s the things you can’t buy… Like the journey to being able to get what you want…or make upgrades in your life. The experience…the impact…the smiles on your family’s face…the lessons learned…the value that is attached to the reason…the moment created when you buy your parents a house..the journey…those things can’t be bought or replaced…I think you get it.

I say this because there are so many people looking for success and don’t realize they have had success and successful moments all along the path…even if they failed. One step is better than no step..

Maybe if more realized that the progress no matter how great or small is success (not saying you should settle) but then they would arrive to the place they dream all day about. You are doing better than you think…

If you can’t be happy now, you won’t be happy then. Here’s a hint…there is NO FINISH LINE…just new levels of success…

Continue to have success- 💯

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