I pray everyone has had a great holiday season! I’ve been enjoying this summer in winter lol.

May 2016 be filled with greater blessings and accomplishments.

Here are just a few things that will help to keep 2016 from looking like 2015: 󾍇

1) Take more action. Let faith lead you, not fear. I know I know…it can seem overwhelming…when you get on the path, you’ll see that things come together.

2) Focus on what you want, not…what you don’t want. You can focus on the problem or you can focus on the solution. Focusing on the solution brings results.

3) Eliminate pride and worrying about what others think or say. Remember, they don’t pay your bills or have to live your life.

4) Minimize time with negative people. Connect with people who want to win.

5) Be highly specific about what you want.
Example: More money is not good enough. If you find $1, you have now more money lol. Be specific in the daily, weekly, monthly, and/or yearly amount.

Hope it helps 󾮗 󾍃

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