Frustrations Can Lead To Billions

For years, …Travis Kalanick failed as an entrepreneur. Kalanick used to be a student at U.C.L.A and had dreams of starting up a great tech company but failed over and over and over … and over again. He was frustrated and depressed by constantly falling on his face idea afte idea. Which later landed him a nice spot back at home, with his parents, back in his childhood bedroom…since he was at that time…broke. Later the simple idea of “just wanting to push a button and ride in style” UBER was created. UBER is now worth close to $20 Billion.

Failure is apart of the journey, but how you use it is what determines the final out come. You can use it as fuel or you can use it as a means to give up. But when you continue down the path of your dreams…purpose meets you face to face.

What ideas do you have? Whats goals are you looking to achieve?…What do you WANT? Life gives us the opportunity to continue to move forward and try again each and every day…rather you take the chance.. is totally up to you.

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