Healthy Living Update June 6th

So, I thought I would share some helpful info that may ease your new healthy living transition.

Remember, a lifestyle change is very different from a diet. With a lifestyle change its important to be creative.
There are so many different things you can make that taste great! I’ll give you an example, real simple…if you like baked potatos…switch to having a baked sweet potato. You can also do roasted sweet potatos…And use Olive oil.

See how easy that was. It’s healthier and it’s a start. Starving yourself to death won’t do it. Research alternatives to things you love and you would be surprised! Creativity is your friend in eating healthy.

Also, it’s great to work out with others. But sometimes schedules won’t allow it. So, this week I downloaded the Nike Running app to my phone. Had it before but never used it. It’s great because you and your friends can download it and log in miles walked or ran, outside or on a treadmill…And it will rank you with the work outs your friends have done which also provides motivation and accountability!



It’s pretty cool! Check it out…And if you need a friend, look me up: RunJo3 or Joseph Fountain and lets make it happen!

Lets get healthy!

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